Quirky toucan desk lamp – love it, or hate it…

I must admit, I completely don’t remember this lamp from my childhood. Looking at it now, I regret that I never owned one. Its playful and quirky design surely appeals to child’s aesthetic taste, but also it’s ergonomic qualities are undisputed… and I love it!

The history of the toucan lamp is quite interesting. It was designed by Huo-Tu Huang from Taiwan in 1980. Despite a fact that it was produced in 1980s, toucan lamp is appreciated today as a prime example of mid-century modernism.

Toucan lamp had several colour versions. Very practical, it took up little space due to the possibility of completely folding the beak, and served as a desk and bedside lamp.

Interestingly this cult project, after a slight modification was mass-produced in the 90s up until around 2006, and even available in supermarkets throughout Europe and USA. However, the later version is very easy to distinguish. The original toucan lamp has a round switch-on button pressed from the top, and located on the right side of the lamp’s base. A button is in the same colour as a beak. Mass-produced later version has a black on / off switch.

Switch button in original toucan lamp vs. in later version

Apparently the first lamps were also signed Huo-Tu Huang of Taiwan. These were then followed by unmarked later versions with black switch, although I haven’t managed to find these info anywhere apart one source only.

Product technical info

ModelToucan (Tukan)
Designer / DateHuo-Tu Huang / 1980
ManufacturerHuangslite Industrial Co.
In productionOriginal model early 1980s / later model 1990s – 2000s
Country of originTaiwan
Size (HxWxD) cm35 x 13 x 36 cm / smaller version 25 x 10 x 27 cm (PL 9 bulb)
Electrics1 bulb PL 11, 1 x 11 Watt max, 230V

Note: Images www.olx.pl