Hi, ahoj, привет, salut, hallo, zdravo, cześć!

My name is Anna and I am Polish, but I have lived in London for almost two decades.

My fascination with mid-century design started some time ago with Model 31 chair by Kai Kristiansen. Of course, it wasn’t over with a chair. Once you’ve fallen in love with modernism, it stays with you for good. I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling …

When I joined several groups on FB devoted to modernism, I quickly realised that in the UK most people recognise Scandinavian, British or Italian designs quite easily. On the other hand, everyday objects created in the former Eastern Bloc are somewhat mysterious. Well, I could recognize them quite well myself, after all, I grew up in Poland in the communist era, but naming, or assigning them to individual designers – that’s a completely different story, so I started a research project :-).

Now, I decided to create this blog out of passion for unique items and the willingness to share information about them. Unique in their own way and often not so obvious, as not obvious were the times when they were created. Here, I share stories discovered behind every item that I believe deserves recognition.

Hope you like this place … and of course I hope you will share my enthusiasm for beautiful mid-century designs from behind the Iron Curtain.


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  1. Justyna Golebio
    Justyna Golebio · June 22, 2021 at 08:14:06 · →

    Hi Anna,

    Właśnie przypadkowo odkryłam twoje konto na instagram. Super! Piękne rzecz i przedewszystkim super informacje.
    Jak leksykon!

    Pozdrowienia z Niemiec.
    Shabbrock republic

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