Lollipop chair type 22-19, design František Jirák

Today a bit about the iconic Czechoslovak chair 22-19, commonly known as lollipop chair, designed by František Jirák and manufactured by the Tatra Nábytok Pravenec. This post is going to be tricky, as it was nearly impossible to find a more detailed information about this chair.

František Jirák (1913 – 1998) studied at the Master School of Carpentry (Mistrovská škola stolarská), and then at the Special School of Interior Design (Specialna skola pre vnutornu architekturu) in Prague. After graduation he worked eleven years at United Arts and Crafts (Spojene UP zavody) in Brno, under the direction of the great furniture designer Jindrich Halabala.

In 1948 Jirak moved permanently to Slovakia to work as an expert in development of new furniture types for then rapidly changing Slovak furniture industry. Shortly after arrival, he took the position of the head of the development at the Regional Directorate of Woodworking Department, which eventually evolved into Department of Furniture Industry Development.

At the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, he started close co-operation with the national company New House (Nový domov) in Spišská Nová Ves, as so called corporate architect, ie. product designer, and worked there until his retirement.

Type 22-19 chair. Photo

František Jirák was one of the most important Czechoslovak furniture designers, and many of his projects have become icons. He also, as one of the first, started using glass fiber in his furniture.

The 22-19 chair was manufactured by Tatra Nábytok Pravenec plant. Despite the fact that factory exported about 60% of its chair production, the 22-19 model was designated for the domestic market.

The backrest and seat of this iconic chair are made of bent plywood and connected to each other with visible screws. Chair has pin tapered legs, and seat upholstered with thick fabric.

In addition to the type 22-19, the 22-19-1 model was manufactured by Západoslov Bratislava. Its appearance is slightly different – it has an additional upholstered seat cushion and minimally remodelled backrest.

Model22-19 / 22-19-1
Designer / DateFrantišek Jirák / circa 1958
ManufacturerTatra Nábytok Pravenec / Západoslov nábytkárskie závody Bratislava
Country of originCzechoslovakia
Size (HxWxD) cm77 x 40 x 43 cm

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